Whole Child Visits

In 2019 Aloft Integrated Wellness approached Core Physicians with an idea - what if, rather than waiting for signs of emotional distress to emerge, we partnered together to look at a child's mental health as part of their overall health. Just because. The same as we do for vision, hearing and of other forms of development. 

To understand more - read a copy of our Co-Founder, Ben Hillyard's 2019 TEDx Talk.


One of our trained clinicians meets with you and your family, listens to your concerns and uses validated screening tools to identify areas of need. We also look at your child's strengths! We then provide a report to you and your child's medical provider at CORE along with a list of any beneficial resources or services we might recommend.


1 in 7 children have at least one treatable mental health diagnosis

The median age of onset for anxiety is 6 years old. For ADHD it's 11 years. Yet,

only 15-25% of children with a mental health disorder receive treatment.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in NH for people 15yrs - 24yrs. 

By identifying areas of need and offering supports earlier we:

- prepare kids and families for future needs

- promote overall health and resilience

- establish a baseline of overall emotional development and mental health needs

*This program was awarded funding support from IDN/Connections for Health.

Pediatricians urged to screen more closely for mental health: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2010/09/pediatricians

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