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Out of Network

If your Aloft provider is not currently in-network with your insurance plan, please see below form information on payment and claims processing.

Aloft will run your card on file at the time of service.

You will receive a monthly Superbill report through our secure portal. This report contains all of the information your insurance plan will need to process reimbursement back to you under your current policy. Please note, Out of Network coverage varies plan to plan, and may require pre-authorization. Please check with your insurance ahead of time. We are not able to coordinate directly with your insurance on your behalf.

There are outside services, not affiliated with Aloft, available to guide OON reimbursement, including Reimbursify:

Current rates, effective Sept 1 2022:

Initial Visit/Intake $180.00 55 min. 90791

Follow up 53 min: $160.00 90837

Family Therapy 45 min: $160.00 90847

Follow up 45 min: $155.00 90834

Follow up 30 min: $140.00 90832

Contact your plan to learn more about your plan's Out of Network benefits. We are not able to coordinate directly with your plan. However, if your plan requires a form or other information from the provider, please reach out to our office via email:

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